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The Clientele I Serve

It is my mission to provide the best care for my patients. I give them the support and guidance they need to go through what they are experiencing and helping them change their perspective through empathy. My years of experience training in various settings coupled with my passion for helping people have given me the chance to help hundreds of people recover from their own struggles.

I know that each individual has unique experiences that require a variety of treatment methods. That’s why I provide patients a personalized approach to mental health care, and work with them to find the techniques that best match their needs. 

Imposter Syndrome

If you hesitate before claiming credit for your job performance and achievements, you may be suffering from a condition you've probably never heard of before: the Impostor Syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome). As weird as it sounds, many high-achieving individuals are plagued by this uncomfortable feeling that they don't deserve the success they have achieved. Impostor syndrome is a feeling that you are an impostor—that you are not good enough, despite evidence that you have what it takes. It plagues even the most successful of people. But the good news is, there is always room to grow. There is always something new to learn!

Child Psycholgist


Why do you keep messing up your good intentions? Why do you allow yourself to waste so much time on things that don’t matter? Why are you not making more money? Why are you sabotaging your diet and exercise habits? What is going on with your self-sabotage, self-doubt and the ‘inner critic’ in your head that gets in the way of what you want in life? 
You want to put in, but you keep pulling out. You’re confused and frustrated. You know what you want, but you can’t get yourself to take the actions that lead to long-term happiness, peace of mind and a healthy body. How do you overcome self-sabotage?
If you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals, it may be because your outdated subconscious beliefs are self-sabotaging you.

Therapy Session

Codependency & Relationship Challenges

"How hard is it to change?" "Why do I always have to have a dramatic relationship? Why are my relationships never easy?" It's not about you! Codependency is often described as the relationship pattern between an addict and the people who love him or her. Although codependency most commonly occurs in romantic relationships, it can also happen within families or friendships where one person takes on a caregiver role. While it doesn't make sense that two people could be addicted to each other, this is what happens when one or both parties become overly preoccupied with taking care of another person. As codependents, we take responsibilities for others that only they can take for themselves. This leads us to feel as if we are indispensable and indispensable people are difficult to replace so our loved ones cannot function without us.


PTSD, Trauma, and Dissociation

Disowned parts of us live like the threats of the past are still present. Dissociation is a way of coping with trauma that allows us to survive, and PTSD (which has dissociation as part of its process) is a reaction to danger. These experiences make life hard and we need help healing. I work to help survivors of trauma find their way back to themselves; living their lives fully again.
My aim is to provide a safe and secure space for you to tell your story, re-experience and integrate past traumas, stabilize in the present moment, learn new coping skills and permanently change how you respond to stress. I do this by incorporating trauma theory, attachment theory and mindfulness with cutting edge therapies that scientifically heal the brain.

Couples Therapy
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