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My Services and Specialties

Personalized Care and Guidance

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Individual Psychotherapy, 50 minutes, telehealth

Are you ready to achieve more, strive for personal growth, and attain the goals that feel so far away? If you're looking for highly attuned and highly insightful therapist, you've found me. I am a flexible and personable therapist who brings a non-judgemental stance to every session. Rather than offering advice based on my personal values, I work to help you become more aligned with who you really want to be over the course of our 50-minute sessions. Through a careful blend of client-centered, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral therapy, neurobiological interventions, clinical hypnosis, somatic techniques and parts work, I help clients see immense benefit—more optimism and improved confidence—to go through life feeling more empowered and at ease.

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Half-Day Intensives, 195 minutes, telehealth

Want the same benefits as weekly sessions, but with less frequent sessions? Psychotherapy intensives are a great way to get weeks' or even months' worth of therapeutic work done in a single day. Intensives are more structured and goal-oriented than regular weekly therapy, which often includes 5-15 minutes at the beginning for check-in, then the remainder of the session time focused on working towards therapeutic goals. By booking an intensive, you get to maximize the gains and progress by only having a check-in at the beginning of the intensive session.

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Trauma & Dissociation:

I am a trauma focused psychotherapist, specializing in Trauma, Dissociation, and Attachment Disruption. Clients that I work with include veterans of combat, folks who have experienced childhood abuse or developmental trauma, as well as those suffering from PTSD. I love working with people who are living with trauma because I understand how much resiliency there is within each person to overcome the effects of their past experiences. My goal is to help my clients reclaim their power over their lives!

Relationship Challenges:

As a therapist, I often find that people who struggle outwardly in relationships with family, friends, coworkers and even their romantic partners tend to struggle inwardly with their relationship to themselves. The way you feel on the inside will come out in the form of actions, including how you behave in your relationships & what you choose to attract into your life. You may struggle with saying no and standing up for yourself because of feelings of insecurity or low self-esteem. You may overcompensate by over-giving (because you long to be appreciated) or have trouble asserting yourself in a way that feels fair and appropriate. If any of this sounds like you, I invite you to begin a dialogue with me about how we might work together to heal your relationship with yourself.

Self Doubt:

Do you find yourself obsessively asking others for reassurance or validation? Do you have a deep-rooted sense of self-doubt? Are you constantly second-guessing every decision, or even have a hard time making decisions at all?  These are common problems that many people struggle with, and they can hold us back from taking the important actions needed to achieve our goals. But it's possible to overcome this obstacle, and I'll show you how.

Self Esteem:

If you often find yourself feeling down, sad, or not as good as other people, then you may have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can impact your life in many different ways. It can make you feel like other people don't really like you or even that the world would be better off without you. But the truth is, the world needs you and the world wants you here! You deserve to be happy and healthy and to live your most authentic life. Self-esteem isn't about arrogance; it's about seeing yourself clearly so that you can recognize your true gifts and unique value, and share them with the world. 

Self-esteem is a kind of self-acknowledgement and self-respect - it says I am worthy and lovable, just as I am. It's also an acknowledgement that you are deserving of good things in your life, and that you don't need to earn self-esteem - it's already here, inside you. When we struggle with self-esteem, it can make us think badly of ourselves on the inside, which then shows itself in how we live our lives on the outside. We may feel ashamed of ourselves or our talents, or afraid to pursue anything that might be too outside of our comfort zone. When we lack self-esteem, life can feel flat and bleak at times when it should be rich and full.

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My therapist training has been as eclectic as my life. I am a seasoned psychotherapist with extensive experience helping clients explore and change their lives. My clients say that I’m calm, warm, and non-judgmental. They feel safe exploring their deepest issues with me, often uncovering insights and solutions they didn’t know existed.

I utilize a handful of theories, depending on what my clients need, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Clinical Hypnosis, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Attachment Theory, Mindfulness Training, and The Comprehensive Resource Model. I am trained in recognized protocols for treating trauma but do not limit myself to any formula for healing. I take care to listen fully to my clients’ needs and tailor the therapy accordingly.

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